Actions start from below. The least visible is also seen.

Vila Nova de Milfontes, located on the Alentejo coast, is contemplated by an immense sea. The “canal”, known by those who frequent it, is the shelter of many fishermen. In this place are many arts and small spaces where are stored some materials used in the sea. For all this to be possible, conditions have been guaranteed to fishermen in the region, but respect for what they have at their disposal and for nature continues to reveal imbalances. There are several ways to reuse, store or even put in the trash, without opting for the easier paths. The sink-hole in the ground is not the appropriate place to contact these materials. In this way, environmental sustainability is not guaranteed. Each fisherman must find strategies to manage this common space, whose solution has to be appropriate to his work and environment.


Alunos envolvidos no projeto: Filipa Murta

Data: 03.02.2018

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