Trash Bucket For Masks

An efficient way to reduce the biological waste the pandemic made us make.
Creating trash buckets specifically for masks would definitely reduce this pollution caused by the pandemic. These would be attatched to buckets that already exist (for example, the blue bucket for paper) so that the financial costs are not too high.

Nowadays, we are living a global pandemic that is afecting people all over the world. However, the enviroment is being harmed as well. Firstly, the unselected collection of biological waste has brought plenty of problems to our planet. We are all aware that the main biological waste at the moment are masks. Due to this situation, unfortunately people throw thousands of masks to the ground daily.

Why not create a specific trash bucket for masks? This way, if there were many of these in the big cities, there wouldn’t be so many masks/gloves on the ground, therefore this type of pollution would be reduced and we would be able to select the biological waste wisely.

Figure 1 – One of the many masks that are found on the roads every day. This one is in a particularly bad state, which shows that it has been through a lot of places, therefore it has been polluting for a while.

Beatriz Feliciano Mendonça Marques Maria