Creating today, the future of tomorrow

For many a dream, an utopia. For others a thing that it is not pertinent. For some it is something not to worry about. For others the solution: The Sustainable Development. In a simple definition: it is the harmony between the triad environment, society and economy. Translated to applicable forms it is starting today creating the future of tomorrow.

Studies developed by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) state that we would need three planets if everyone had the same lifestyle as an European.” We are living like we had an extra planet”, how long will our resources be enough for the high demand of these societies?

It had been many years of big mistakes: Ignoring Global Warming and not taking the measures needed; Not adopting environmentally friendly decisions; Developed countries getting benefit from the resources of Developing countries and these getting poorer and poorer; No living conditions assured for one and all; Devastating entire forests, destroying ecosystems to make great profit; Exploitation of resources; Education isn´t for all; Human Rights are not being applied; Capitalism gaining over Humanism…. How rotten is the Planet Earth?

It urges the need to take an action, to change the narrative! But how? It is known that the damage on our Planet is now

irreversible! But still there are measures to attenuate the consequences of so many blunders.

It is up to every citizen, especially the leaders of the Nations, to develop solutions, arise awareness. It does not need to be difficult; but effective! A simple proposal for everyone: start by sharing your ideas of changing with your colleague, with your family or even with the mayor of your city. Talk about the current situation, explain facts and present solutions like: separating the trash, avoid using plastics, plant trees, small volunteering missions, share your manuals from school but most important: be conscious, dynamic and responsible. It seems to be simple actions but may represent a huge change.

It is very important to highlight that Education is the most important and efficient vehicle of information so that we can reach our global goal of Sustainable Development. Environmental Education is something unknown for too many people around the world. The truth is that it becomes harder to adopt certain behaviors when the actual conjuncture is unfamiliar or simply ignored. Considering an example: many people still don’t recognize the need of reducing the use of plastics. If they were taught the impact of those in the ocean, on the sea animals, the way they enter in our food chain and the toxicity they represent for the organisms it would be easier to choose not to use them. Through education it is possible to “plant” ideas of social responsibility, environmentally friendly behavior and a sense of belonging to a planet that we shall protect. By conscious analyses of the background it would not be difficult to realize that a solution for our generations is the development/ the evolution that considers the preservation of Earth and its limited resources. Above and beyond it is crucial to recognize to every living being their wellbeing and dignity.

It is already time to reflect! Time to change! The hands that were capable of destruction are also capable of planting and creating!

Act locally and we will see the change globally!

Fonte: Sustainability 360º Programm


Alunos envolvidos no projeto: Sara Cascais

Data: 15.01.2018

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