A New Pollution

The impact of confinement on pollution, mainly brought improvements to our planet, it was like a holiday of human activity in ecosystems. However, a great reduction of pollution in this part, the covid-19 brought a new pollution, the masks, the gloves and all kinds of protection material against the virus. But in the main the masks. The use of the mask is mandatory and people have to use them to protect themselves, but often they find masks that have been thrown to the ground, or that fly, and that end up in the seas and for killing animals!

We can say with all certainty that Covid-19 put the world species in quarantine and the immediate benefits are already specific to space. Both the first and second confinement reduced the concentration of the most varied polluting agents in the atmosphere.

Millions of people informed at home, airplanes and ships on land, factories without producing, and with it a giant economic disaster and at the same time, an environmental phenomenon that may have saved all the humidity from even greater catastrophes.

To combat the pandemic, reinforcements of material never used on this scale were used. Of all, masks and gloves are perhaps the most visible tools. Humanity was supposed to learn and reflect on why all this happened. Masks and gloves are now found to be a new ecies in the oceans, a risk to public health, but also an environmental threat to marine life. This behavior proves that humanity is not in tune with nature or respecting it, although it depends entirely on it to live.

Clara Gonçalves Baptista Moniz Barreto