My experience in YRE Mission in Portugal

Um dos jovens Repórteres da rede internacional que participou na Missão em Coruche | YRE Cork Mission deixa o testemunho da sua participação. Ver as reportagens  realizadas durante a Missão AQUI;  Ver as fotografias aqui


During the week from 1 to 7 of April 2019, I had the honor to participate in an international delegation at Coruch, Portugal, which was organized under the auspices of ‘ABAE’ (Non Governmental Organization), in the context of the program ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’.

All of the participants (youth from Portugal, Malta, Turkey and Greece), had the chance not only to investigate the activity of local enterprises and institutions, but also to evaluate any of its potential ecological impacts. The results of the aforementioned research, which assimilated elements of journalistic reportage, were subjected at the end of each day through articles and presentations, composed in collaboration among all the team’s members. After the end of the mission, and given the fact that we had gathered a rich journalistic material, we were pleased to present our work to the local community of Coruche.

Summarizing, the experiences that I gained during this journey will certainly be unforgettable to me. The close cooperation with the rest of the participants and the friendly atmosphere that has rapidly occurred had as a result the creation of strong friendship ties. Personally speaking, I really appreciated all the different cultures I had the opportunity to come into contact with. Regarding to Portugal, I feel lucky having met such hospitable and warm people. I wish all of us, who participated in this delegation to have the chance to meet again in the future and to experience equally beautiful moments.

Denopoulos Georgios | Greece
sent by Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature