G2The World in Our Hands

Today, water pollution represents a very big problem for our health and future generations.

entrevistaGuilhermina Galego, Geota e Coastwatch

This afternoon we interviewed Guilhermina Galego from GEOTA…

g4-300x199Interview with Pedro Marcelino

The following interview with Pedro Marcelino is about the places life has taken him

g3-300x168Interview with Malgorzata Luszczek

It was in the secondary school when I began to be concerned about environmental issues

aIMG-10621-300x17a0Keep Focus and Keep Walking. Interview with José Archer

The Blue Flag program is ran by Fee

G5-Philipe-300x224Pilippe Saugier: The YRE Creator

The students had the opportunity to interview the founder of the YRE program


Baia-300x225Hotel Baía. Is it worth the name Eco Hotel?

Interview with João Coruche

Nova-imagem-1Waste Management in the Cascais Marina

Visit to investigate the environmental conditions of the Marina

g22-300x193Cleaning up our Act: Working Towards Waste Free Beaches

Though Portugal is well-known for its scenic beaches and landscapes…

8-150x150“Jumbo”, the Supermarket

Our following article was about our trip to the supermarket “Jumbo” in Cascais.

g33-300x200Electronic Waste – ERP Portugal

8 students were given the theme of electronic waste to investigate as a part of the YRE Workshop

g1-300x224Plastic: The New Sand

The majority of the litter that can be found in the sea and beaches is made of plastic

g5-300x224Second Hand Store Changing the World

Visit to a second hand store in Cascais, Portugal.


Diapositivo1Second Hand Store Changing the World

Photo Reportage about Remar

Diapositivo22Waste Management in the Cascais Marina

Photo Reportage about the Cascais Marina

Diapositivo61Waste Management in Supermarkets

Photo Reportage about Jumbo Supermarket

Baia-300x225Hotel Baia: Photo Reportage

Hotel Baía is trying to develop their ways into becoming an ECO HOTEL .


video ll14Plastic, the New Sand

Plastic and Micorplastic: the new sand. We are the next generation; we are in this together.

video ll14 cascaLitter in the Beach

Video about Marine Litter . Field work with (Marlisco)